Monday, May 30, 2005

Bangkok = Beauty Queen Central


My mom got tickets to the final show of the Miss Universe 2005 pageant at Impact Arena tomorrow from her friend and Miss Universe judge, Chutinant Bhirombhakdi. It's going to be at 8 AM BKK time so that you folks in the US can watch it live at 9 PM ET Monday night. I also got a chance to attend the fashion show at Central World Plaza last week, and let me tell you, seeing all those super tall (I'm talking 6-foot-freaking-4 in heels, people), super skinny women walking around in their TO-DIE-FOR Manolo Blahniks was enough to make anyone feel like the frumpiest, dumpiest dwarf ever. Bleh.

As for the ladies themselves, my personal faves so far include Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Venezuela, and Miss Canada. Oh yeah, Miss Thailand, too, of course. :) My mom's personal fave is Miss Dominican Republic (there may or may not have been heated debating and betting involved over the eventual winner). Anyway, we'll see! Tune in tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and in other news, I recently found out that I got into dental school. GAH. It's been a crazy past few months, but after much thought and discussion I've decided to turn down admission to med school in the UK and head full steam ahead with dental school here in T-land (though it is a bilingual program and 80% of instruction will be done in English, much to my relief after having had to slave through four years of undergrad papers and lectures in Thai). I've always been interested in all aspects of health science whether it be medical, dental, biological, or pharmaceutical-related (hello, my name is Lynn and I am a sad, sorry nerd), and I think that dentistry will not only allow me to get my fill of all things science-related, but will also give me the time to work on my writing as well (something that I've come to realize is pretty important to me). Not that dental school is a walk in the park (certainly not, and I do realize that I have my work cut out for me), but it definitely will be much easier for me to get my writing done if I don't have to be on call until 4 in the morning, like a physician would.

So, uh, brush your teeth, kiddies, OR ELSE. Muahahaha. <--- That's me practicing for when I finish dental school. I'm trying to get my evil laugh just right because I'm going to be that mad dentist with the drill who yanks out all her patients' teeth so she can collect them in little jars for her collection in her damp, dark basement... Nah, I'm just kidding. :) Rather, I'm going to be the way cool dentist who hands out lollipops to all her kid patients instead of boring schmoring toothbrushes (yawn). And chocolate! Why not throw in some chocolate truffles for good measure? Yay for
cool dentists.

(I have a feeling that handing out chocolate truffles is kind of against the international dental association's policy. Let's hope they don't kick me out of their league someday.)

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